Hello and Welcome to my photo gallery. A little bit about myself: I make my living as a variety entertainer, performance artist, and photographer. I am currently based in Las Vegas.

Art is my passion. I grew up in a small town in Montana and perhaps as a result, I am in love with landscapes. At this point a lot of my work centers around nature photography. However, as time, space, and funding permit, I do have a vision to create images involving dance, circus, musical performance, and fashion.

I am using this page primarily to showcase my fine art photography, and some examples of other work that I do. I also enjoy shooting head-shots, zed cards, events, and product. Contact me for pricing and availability.

If interested in a piece for print, click on the image and view the print options underneath, they are available in a variety of formats from coffee mugs and postage stamps to large canvas and metal prints. There is something for every budget.

Thanks for stopping by!